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VIA Disc Allograft Supplementation

VIA Disc Allograft Supplementation - APSM

What is VIA Disc?

VIA Disc is a one-time non-surgical treatment that helps repair damage to degenerative discs so patients can better manage their chronic lower back pain symptoms caused by degenerative disc disease. It is a proven therapy that has been shown in clinical trials, to repair damage to degenerative discs and provide significant pain relief and improved function.

Why is VIA disc performed?

Discs can experience wear and tear as we age, resulting in a loss of water content within the disc, leading to disc degeneration. This can worsen over time, causing pain and discomfort. This treatment supplements the discs ability to absorb water, similar to the original disc tissue.

How is VIA Disc Allograft Supplementation performed?

In a VIA disc procedure, there are two allograft components that get mixed with saline and injected into your intervertebral disc to help both regenerate the disc and delay further degeneration. 

You will lay on the procedure table on your stomach, and the doctor will administer local anesthesia using a fluoroscope for placement. Next, a needle containing the allograft mixture will be inserted into the center of the intervertebral disc and the solution will be administered. 

What should I expect after VIA disc?

This is an outpatient procedure with a short recovery time. You may experience pain and soreness after the treatment; this is normal as the body needs to adjust to the increased pressure in your disc.

You should refrain from any intense physical activity for up to 72 hours post-procedure. You may apply ice at the injection site in 20 minute increments to help alleviate the pain. 

It can take several weeks after the injection for the graft to start supplementing and repairing the damaged disc. But the results provide long-term results and reduces your risk of developing other conditions linked to degenerative disc disease.

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