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Cluneal Nerve Block

Cluneal Nerve Block - APSM

What is a Cluneal Nerve Block?

A cluneal nerve block is an injection used to treat pain in the lower back, buttock, and pelvic area. The cluneal nerves lie over the pelvis and buttocks that can become trapped in muscle tissue, causing pain. 

Why is a Cluneal Nerve Block performed?

This procedure is performed in patient with this type of nerve pain. The patients may have difficulty sitting for long periods of time. The pain starts at the top or along the middle of the hip bone and produces a burning sensation in the buttock.

How is a Cluneal Nerve Block performed?

After being positioned on the table, an anesthetic is injected to help numb the area. Next, a needle is inserted into the area and a combination of anesthetic and a steroid are injected, to reduce the inflammation. 

What should I expect after a Cluneal Nerve Block?

You should experience quick relief, which may last as long as six months. This injection can be repeated every 1 – 3 months. If you are diabetic, you may experience an increase in your blood sugar for 2 – 3 days. Risks and side effects are minimal but may include new or increased pain, infection, bleeding, allergic reactions, and passing out. You may use ice on the injection site in 20-minute intervals if you are experiencing pain.

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